Session Types


Group Session
Indoor / Outdoor & Combination Circuits
Boxing / Military & Marine Fitness
Our Group sessions are our most popular classes because of it's variety and our flexible timings allow our members to choose any of the classes they wish to attend. 
You can expect Circuit Training's, Boxing, Cardio workouts, strength, stamina, military style fitness as an Individual, in pairs, in three's or as a whole group.
This type of program keeps sessions interesting for our members, it allows us to have a varied program to cover the majority of fitness components and most of all enjoy our workouts.

Personal Training
2 to 1
In pairs you will learn unique training activities and benefit from extra the focus from our Greyman Fitness Trainers. You will also learn strategies unique to 2 to 1 training sessions. As a couple, you train harder and quickly learn to push and help each other.
This is a great way for people who aren't quite ready to join in a larger group and aren't comfortable having the full attention from the Instructor in a 1 to 1 session.
We provide a variety of 2 to 1 training activities including Circuit in Pairs, Boxing in Pairs, Fitness Testing and Stamina Drills in Pairs.

Personal Training
1 to 1
This type of training is great if you wish to have the full attention of the trainer. You will receive regular and accurate feedback, high attention of critique on your performance & technique, and with the extra attention you receive, you will retain more information & training tips passed on by your personal trainer.
We provide a high range of 1 to 1 fitness activities that are challenging, interesting and fun to suit your Individual goals.