Our structured timetable is to provide variety in our sessions, to focus on all fitness components throughout the week and the overall training program, to provide accessibility and flexibility for our customers so that they can not only maximize on our programs and get value for their money but to also increase the enjoyment, the consistency and gains to achieving their fitness goals.

We have designed the timetable is strategically structured to develop fitness progression for Individuals and groups.

We operate on a Crawl, Walk, Run theory style of training, designed to be achievable, progressing and simple to follow, therefore as part of our unique training timetable, we include a climax at the end of each training week of the 3 week training rotation system. We test and challenge our members with our "Greyman Fitness Challenge" held every Saturday morning. These are designed based on the sessions of the previous week - "It's the Test after the lesson".


By popular demand, the Yoga Class has now been added to the timetable and will be run by both Rachel Grunwell and Debs Welch. Both these ladies have great knowledge in this industry and with their sporting backgrounds, they really do provide the type of Yoga that is a great alternative to active recovery.

These sessions assist with preventing injuries, strengthening and developing flexibility, etc.

These classes are spread out throughout the week to allow you ample options to be able to plan your session and allow you to fit in a stretch session, for example: on Sunday, you can fit in a final Group Fitness session for the week and then stretch it out afterwards at a Yoga class.


It is important to encourage healthy living and fun activities to our young ones.

We believe in our future so we feel we have a duty to provide a program that is specific to our Kids and with our experience and the experience of our main FITKids Trainer Soane Papalii, who has years of experience working with Youth and Children, as well as in Fitness Training, we are sure to provide the best service and enjoyment when we deliver these new Kids classes.

The other benefit we have especially when we run our Sunday program, is this will allow parents to attend the Group Fitness session with their children and both train at the same time. This resolves the problem of parents looking for a babysitter and allows everyone to actively have fun!

The age group that we will trial the FITKids classes will be from between 6 & 10 years old.

Note: We are happy to discuss older children (11 – 12 year olds on a case by case)

Open Gym 

This option is for those wanting to train by themselves, or use the bags (if available), to allow members to come in and use the equipment for their training should they not make a class. We encourage this part of training if you want to stay in routine.

Greyman Fitness Regular Features:
  1. Group Fitness: These are tailored sessions for all levels of fitness and ages that range from Cardio based circuits to Strength circuits in a team environment, as well as providing physical challenges that will benefit you as an individual and as a team player.
  2. Boxing Fitness: Boxing fitness is here to provide you cardio based training, technique phases within the classes from beginner to advanced levels and a great way to cross train if recovering from standard group training or from regular sports. A great way to also channel in aggression in a positive way.
  3. Body, Abs & Core Strength - Based on the program we are currently running, we have dedicated twice per week a Body & Core Strength only session which will reinforce the already 'Compulsory Core' component we carry out at the end of each session. By using only your body weight you will be able to appreciate that no equipment is needed to improve your body & core strength using the variety of exercises we have in store.