David Harriman - Whanau Fit Orakei Project Manager

End of Year Group Fitness Challenge!
"On behalf of Whanau Fit Orakei I'd like to thank John from Greyman Solutions for his professionalism and leadership. To deliver a demanding challenge to a group of novices in a professional manner shows how clear leadership can pull anyone, no matter the fitness level, through the mad Mud Run. Hats off to your team! We'll see you next year."

Andie Marsh - Auckland, New Zealand

Preparing for my Wedding Day 
"I began training with John when I wanted to get in shape for my wedding. I've done all types of exercise over the years, gym, running, sport, yoga and personal training but still when I met John I was unfit and overweight. Through John's techniques I saw results fast. Firstly fitness, then muscle tone and then weight loss. John's military background gives him great understanding of not just fitness, strength and endurance but also how to achieve through mental strength. My perception of 'military style fitness' where I am getting yelled at to 'do more' or 'go hard' have been blown away. I still was pushed hard but I also achieved more than what I thought I was capable of. John helped do this by breaking things down so I could push harder. John gave me the psychological strength to achieve my goals even when I was training alone. I also got good nutritional advice and support. The best part is you don't need fancy equipment, expensive gym membership or a ridiculous diet to get results. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone who has a fitness goal".

Peet Snyman - Kabul, Afghanistan

Pass Multi Stage Fitness Test (Beep Test) or Go Home?
"I met John in our work environment and he was the fitness guru and fitness fanatic from the day I met him. I sometimes looked at him and just shake my head till the day we had to do Fitness Tests (Beep Test).
I tried the test twice without success and then John offered his Fitness Skills, Private Time and Effort to me and help me and a lot of other people that didn't pass the test. Every evening he trained us, we worked in a group but he sums up every individual within the first two nights, we were about 6-8 guys training. Within the group he gave each and everyone individual training as per the individuals needs, Fitness, Breathing, Mentally, Running Technique, Power Training and the most important the Beep Test Techniques. 
After the first week there was already about 4 people who passed the test when a re-test was done. John pushed you to your limits, but he also knows to where he can push you, and that was to your limit. 5 Weeks later I myself have done and passed the test without any problems, thanks to the one man and Training Specialist John.
He is a very professional trainer and will give each and every one his individual training and attention. One Special thing about his training technique to me is he is doing the training with you and will not let you do something that he cant do, like other so called Training Specialists, I can tell you he is a Specialist in his field.
If you want to train and make a success of your training and achieve your goals then you must get in contact with John the Training Master".