Other Services

Private Security / Private investigation / Training
When we are not busy helping everyday people with their fitness goals or preparing candidates for their future in the Defence Force or running Corporate fitness Challenges  in the early hours of the morning, as well as mentoring our Youth using our unique fitness programs, as a licensed Security & Private Investigator (specializing in Surveillance) - we are also able to provide a service to assist you with any with any of your security/protection and surveillance needs. 

We have National & International experience in our field through our background in the NZ Defence Force but also in the Private sector. 

For example: 
Investigations: Surveillance
We have gathered information through our surveillance techniques to bring results for our clients, tasks that include: Proof of Infidelity, Proof of Fraudulent behavior, Domestic Disputes, Serving Notices, Gathering Information of Suspicious behavior, etc. 

Security: Protection & Training
We have experience in Domestic & international Security as professional operators providing Tactical planning & Management skills, Risk Assessment, Providing Close Protection and Event Protection, we value ourselves in providing Basic Security Awareness Training for Businesses to Specific Security Training including one to one and group training for personnel keen to join the NZ Defence Force or learn advanced skills to gain a career as a Private Security Contractor.

We have experience in the following:
Security Consultant, Training & Advice
Close Personal Protection (CPO / PPO & Driver)
Land & Maritime Security
Corporate Security
Crowd Control
Weapon Handling & Training
Covert & Overt Surveillance - Mobile & Static
Information Gathering
Process Serving

We take the above jobs very seriously having operated in some of the Worlds most hostile areas but also have carried many tasks for Corporate businesses, Individuals but mostly for our everyday person. It is because we are Simple, approachable, methodical and results orientated.

Arabian Gulf, Malta, Egypt, Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, South East Asia to Afghanistan, Australia and here in New Zealand are places we have worked in.

We take every job big or small very seriously and if we are challenged by a task, we have resources and contacts who we can forward your concern to and they will be able to assist your needs to achieve the task.

For more information on any of the above, you will need to contact us by phone on: 
+64 21 0825 9841 or email us: info@greymansolutions.com.