Group Fitness Challenge

The Greyman Fitness Group Challenge is designed for our members, non members and all types of groups to test themselves physically & mentally by placing themselves in a challenging position. After all the only way to know your training is working is to test it, the other way to grow mentally & physically stronger is by taking yourself out of your comfort zone - The more you do this, the more you grow as a person. We will be running regular challenges on the weekend, we will keep you posted.

End of year Group Fitness Challenge
Type: The Mud Run
Date: Sunday 20th December 2015
Time: 0900
Place: Devonport, Auckland
Who: If you can walk then you can do this challenge

The Mud Run Challenge

The Mud Run challenge is the first type of challenge, this is the same course that is used by New Zealand's very own elite Operational Dive Team, it has been used as a team building challenge for high profile sports teams like the Auckland Blues but do not fear, this challenge is for all levels of fitness and age groups. It is great for team building, testing your fitness and in general a fun way to workout. I wasn't the best mud runner as a NZ Defence Diver but by putting myself through this challenge regularly, I learned how to run it better through technique, improving my fitness levels, taking myself out of my comfort zones on a regular basis and telling myself often that "challenges are opportunities for me to grow stronger as a person."

If you too would like to join us on this challenge and find out HOW YOU CAN BEAT THIS CHALLENGE, give us a call, it all start's with signing up. 

Don't be a follower - Be a leader.