Forces Fit PT

The Forces Fit Physical Training program is designed to prepare candidates, recruits and any keen individual looking at a career in the Defence Force. Not only are we able to prepare people physically and mentally, we are also able to give valuable tips and advice on how to approach fitness tests, how to prepare for a fitness test and with our specific training, you will be trained and tested under similar conditions of the actual test.

We also have the ability to train people for other services like the Police, Fire Service, Customs and those undertaking Civilian positions by using their guidelines for their tests. Using our networks who are past and current serving members, we are able to devise a training program that we believe will ensure you pass your physical tests.

We believe we have an advantage in this area having trained alongside elite units in the NZ Defence Force, we have trained and competed at International level in sport giving us the edge in preparation and training, we have run programs for Youth with Sports Academies and Water Safety program's, with this experience we are seen as a balanced group who know how to communicate the right advice.

Let us help you get through.