Weekend Warrior Training Camp


The Weekend Warriors Training Camp is made up of three levels - Basic / Intermediate / Elite. In order for you to advance to the next level, every group and individual must undergo the Basic Training Camp unless specifically requested by a particular group.

This training camp is designed to push you to your limits, it is designed to take your out of your comfort zone, we will test many physical and mental components like Endurance, Strength, Agility, Teamwork, Stamina, Skill, Strategy, Leadership, Attitude and so on. You can prepare all you want prior to coming on our program but we assure you that nothing will prepare you for what you will undertake if you have never been in this sort of environment before.

The benefits of coming on our program are the friendships you make, it brings team's even closer together, it is character building, you will develop new skill's and strategies, everyone learn's something new about themselves, the test's and challenges are exciting, challenging and different, you are trained by a former member of an elite unit and champion sportsman and coach, the physical and mental gains that you receive will be enormous.

This type of training is suitable for groups and teams looking for a way to assess and select their teams, it's great for pre-season training for sports teams, it's great for team building whether for a corporate group or a club group, we also have challenges that are suitable for candidates entering the forces whether Military or Police, as the majority of the program is delivered in a disciplined, committed and motivating environment.

This program is all about Attitude, Commitment, Teamwork, Endurance, Skill & Stamina.

If you would like to explore further about our program, send us an email or give us a call.

Basic -            12 hours 
Intermediate -   24 hours
Elite -              36 hours

Any extra information regarding any of the above will be given only to those who sign up for the challenge.

"How will you know if you don't step forward and find out?"