Paddle Cross Training

 If you have wanted to learn how to paddle a kayak, Surf Ski, Outrigger Canoeing, Dragon Boats or on a Stand Up Paddle Board, but never got around to fulfilling that goal because you simply were too busy, the water was too far, you weren’t confident of the water or you simply didn’t know how to paddle, well now you don't have to go very far because we will be offering specific Paddle Cross Training classes right here to you from Monday 2nd November (booking required) and the great news is you will be using Paddle-Pro Ergometers together with specific Cross Training exercises that improves your paddling overall.

Who can we help?

  • Beginners / Recreational Paddlers - Anyone wanting to learn how to paddle may want to consider our PT sessions (Up to 6 people outside our normal class timetable) for Outrigger / Kayak / Stand Up Paddle Board.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Paddlers (Competitive or Social) - Those wanting to be pushed in training and get specific tips for their on water training for competition or just to better their overall skill. You might want to sit in one of our classes and push against other paddlers.
  • Cross Training - The classes is a great way to cross train for other sport or for general fitness especially if you are looking to improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Helps with endurance and in terms of specific muscle groups, it’s an all-round body work out but especially works the upper body, core, back muscles and overall strength too.
  • Kayak / Canoe / SUP Fisherman – Those wanting to get out there with their rods on a summer day wanting to better there stroke so they can paddle themselves and their catch of the day, this is also for you too.
  • Build Confidence on the water – Whether you are in a canoe, swimming or just visiting the beach, you will be able to gain more knowledge with the tips we provide during our classes. Not only will you improve technically & physically, you will gain extra knowledge in other areas too that will help with your confidence because the more knowledge you have about your chosen sport and the environment you are in, the more confident you are. Tips could include learning about winds, tides, currents, basic water safety, equipment and more, so don’t eliminate the thought of the classes because you are not a regular paddler, this is for everyone!

What do the Ergs look like?


 How do I register?
1.       Send me an email;

2.       Let me know which class/classes you would like to register your name for;

3.       Commence training

  Note: Limited spots

Booking Options - 
     Option 1 - To book one session (same class of your choice) for 8 weeks…

·         Members - $17.50 per session (Total $140.00 – 8 x sessions)

·         Non Members - $20.00 per session (Total $160.00 – 8 x sessions)

Option 2 - To book two sessions (same class of your choice) for 8 weeks…

·         Members - $15.00 per session (Total $240.00)

·         Non Members - $17.50 per session (Total $280.00)
Option 3 - To book two sessions (same class of your choice) for 8 weeks…

·         Members - $12.50 per session: (Total $300.00) - Books you a seat in advance for every class for the 8 weeks.

·         Non Members - $15.00 per session: (Total $360.00) - Books you a seat in advance for every class for the 8 weeks.

           Note: If you miss a session, you are welcome to use the Erg’s for a casual session outside any of our booked times.

Casual Prices -

  • Members $20.00  
  • Non Members $25.00
Note: Ergs can be used for your own use during gym operating hours and provided they are outside any pre-booked times.

Class Times -

  • Monday 6.00am (with Dale P )  
  • Monday 6.30pm (with John P)  
  • Tuesday @ 6.30pm (with John P)
Personal Training & Personal Group Training

If you want specific Personal Training (1 to 1, 2 to 1 or Group Training for up to 6 people), send me a detailed email with your request and we can work out a program that will meet your needs.

We can help all levels, any age group and gender wanting to learn how to paddle any of the above paddle sports whether for competition or just recreational.

Paddling Background

Both Dale and I have paddled National and International races for many years covering mostly the Outrigger, SUP Surf Ski and Kayak. As a competitor and water enthusiast, our knowledge and experience on the water along with our fluid training methods and understanding of what the body needs to better our paddling stroke, gives us the edge from any other current programs here in NZ. Not only have we spent thousands of hours on the water, we have the results to prove it having competed and won multiple National And International Long Distance and Short Distance titles throughout our paddling careers. We are accomplished paddlers in both Team and Individual events.