About Us

What is Greyman?
Greyman is a term that I discovered whilst spending time in the NZ Defence Force. The definition of a Greyman is someone who 'flies under the radar', someone who can blend in to any scene or situation without standing out, hiding his skills and qualities.

What is Solutions?
Solutions is a method of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation (i.e. Challenge).

What is Greyman Solutions?
We have skill, knowledge, we have experiences and we don't mind facing challenges, we have solutions.

John Papalii - Founder
The foundations of Greyman Solutions started whilst still attending Secondary School in the late 1990's. Growing up in a low Socioeconomic environment in South Auckland brought about many negative social issues that created many challenges in my surrounding environment. It was during this time I decided I wanted to "make a difference" and not let my environment dictate my future choices in life - How? Sport, Fitness Training and Personal Goals.

Fitness Training is the factor that I believe has helped me the most in life. Through Fitness Training I have succeeded in sport as a competitor, trainer, coach and manager. I have also minimized risk of injury as a result of being prepared. Learning to keep fit also allowed me to enter a military and security career. Having passed various stages with the NZ Defence Force including becoming a Defence Diver with the RNZN Operational Dive Team and successfully selected to be a member of the Elite NZ Special Operation Force (NZSOF) Commandos, continuous training with the forces, with sport and in my personal time opened up opportunities in the private security sector. It was here that Greyman Solutions was born.

Greyman Solutions was designed to be a place where you could go to as a 'one stop shop' for your Security and Fitness needs.  Believe it or not, these two traits come hand in hand because as a specialist with the experience, knowledge, skill and great qualities of a person who you can trust and rely on, it has always been critical that the difference between a good operator and an efficient operator was being physically and mentally fit. 

No matter your career, level of fitness, age, gender or sport you are involved in, we believe that fitness training can enhance your ability to think, improve productivity and peak performance and in general improve your way of life. 

Greyman Solutions is designed for you and together with our experiences in Tactical Planning, Training, Effective Organisation & Management Skills, Clear Communication, Flexibility and Discipline, we aspire to be the best fitness solution for you and guarantee our positive clear Leadership, Enjoyment and Commitment to you.

No matter how busy you may think you are - there is always time to fit in Fitness Training.